Audiolight Service

Audiolight Service Company Ltd., founded in 1998, is one of the largest rental companies in the Czech Republic . He specializes in demanding show, concerts, festivals and events connected with BTL communications of various entities. Audiolight Service Company provide everything from decorations, to finding areas and providing lighting, audio, video and presentation techniques. RENTAL division is engaged in rental techniques to the various type of users.

Audiolight Sales

Company is dealing in the sale of professional audio, lighting and video equipment and its exclusive importer of brands DAP AUDIO SHOWTEC, DMT, LD SYSTEMS, ADAM HALL, KME, UNI-LYTE LEE FILTERS. These brands distributes in wholesale network of about 50 wholesale customers from small retailers of sound and lighting equipment and from professional touring companies. Company regionally represents also brands MARTIN, PIONEER, BOSE and others.


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